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acrobatKosovo Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-5)
acrobatSerbia Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-4)
acrobatTrade Expansion Act of 1962
acrobatKirabati Committee Report (Exec. Rept. 115-3)
acrobatMicronesia Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-2)
acrobatPutin's Asymmetric Assault on Democracy In Russia and Europe: Implications for U.S. National Security
acrobatS. Rept. 115-93 to accompany S. 1141
acrobatLegislative Activities Report 114th Congress
acrobatMontenegro Committee Report (Exec. Rept. 115-1)
acrobatLegislative Activities Report 113th Congress
acrobatS. Rept. 114-176 to accompany S. 2152
acrobatSFRC_Rules_114th_ Congress
acrobatS. 2946 Committee Report
acrobatAfghanistan in Transition: U.S. Civilan Presence and Assistance Post-2014
acrobatResolution of Advice and Consent for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
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