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& Reports

Welcome to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Activities and Reports page where you can find official documents produced by the committee during each congressional session beginning with the 105th Congress (1997-1998). 

These documents have been categorized by type and include: hearing transcripts, business meeting transcripts, committee reports, committee prints and conference reports. Visitors may search by keyword and/or congressional session. Committee publications not currently available online may be accessed in Federal depository libraries throughout the United States.


The committee has jurisdiction over all diplomatic nominations. Before a nominee is reported out of by the committee and confirmed by the Senate, the committee typically holds a nomination hearing for each nominee. You can find transcripts of these hearings under our “Hearing Transcripts” section below. In this section, you’ll find all of the pending nominations that have been referred to the committee.


The Foreign Relations Committee is the only committee in the Senate with jurisdiction to deliberate and report treaties that have been submitted by the President for the Senate to consider. Similar to issue hearings, the committee conducts public hearings on each treaty. You can find transcripts of these hearings under our “Hearing Transcripts” section below. In this section, you’ll find all of the pending treaties that have been referred to the committee.


During each two-year Congress, hundreds of bills and resolutions are referred to the committee. Once they are referred, the committee can take up a measure at a business meeting. You can find transcripts of these meetings under our “Business Meeting Transcripts” section below. In this section, you’ll find all of the pending legislation that has been referred to the committee.

hearing transcripts

A printed hearing is an official transcript of a hearing. Supplemental materials may be included as part of the hearing record. For example, a committee might include exhibits, charts and research materials, written statements of witnesses, witness responses to follow-up questions, other materials submitted by witnesses, or letters and testimony from individuals who did not testify in person. 

business meeting transcripts

Transcripts of committee business meetings are typically made public 30 business days after the event. Each transcript includes vote results, amendments offered to the bill, and a general description of the bill under consideration. To find the legislative text of a bill, refer to the Legislation page or visit, the official legislative information website of the Library of Congress.

conference reports

A conference report is an agreement on a bill negotiated by a conference committee, a temporary committee comprised of House and Senate members. Conference reports are printed and submitted to each chamber for consideration. A conference report includes changes to the bill made during the conference committee's consideration and may also include the views of conference committee members.


Anything that is not categorized above is stored here. In this section, you may find letters of correspondence between the Chairman or Ranking Member and the executive branch or other world leaders or groups, draft amendments, or other noteworthy declarations.

committee prints & reports

Committee Reports

Accompany a bill that has been reported to the full Senate for its consideration. Reports may include the legislative text of the bill, changes made by the committee during open executive sessions, and the views of committee members.

Executive Reports

Accompany treaties submitted to the Senate for its advice and consent to ratification. These reports include a description of the Purpose and Background of the treaty under consideration, a Summary of Key Provisions of the treaty, any necessary Implementing Legislation, any Committee Action taken relating to the treaty and Committee Comments (including any minority views), and the Text of Resolution of Advice and Consent to Ratification.

Committee Prints

Take many forms and may include: draft reports and bills, legislative analyses, investigative reports, statistical materials and historical reports. Notable types of committee prints include: the Committee Calendar, which indexes all hearings, nominations and legislation considered in a congressional session; technical descriptions of the effects of pending legislation; and the committee rules of procedure adopted each Congress.