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acrobatChina's Impact on the Korean Peninsula Unification and Questions for the Senate
acrobatCommittee on Foreign Relations Millennium Edition 1616-2000
acrobatSenator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2011
acrobatJudicial and Police Reforms in Mexico: Essential Building Blocks for a Lawful Society
acrobatIraq Report: Political Fragmentation and Corruption Stymie Economic Growth and Political Progress
acrobatCentral Asia and the Transition in Afghanistan
acrobatEnhancing Non-proliferation Partnerships in the Black Sea Region
acrobatProtocol Amending Tax Convention With Switzerland
acrobatProtocol Amending Tax Convention With Luxemborg
acrobatInvestment Treaty With Rwanda
acrobatTax Convention With Hungary
acrobatMutual Legal Assistance Treaty With Bermuda
acrobatAuthorizing the Limited Use of the US Armed Forces in Support of the NATO Mission in Libya - Report as amended (S.Rpt. 112-27)
acrobatKey Points for Report: Evaluating U.S. Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan
acrobatEvaluating U.S. Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan (S. Prt. 112-21)
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