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May 2011
Kerry Opening Statement At Hearing On “Steps Needed For A Successful 2014 Transition In Afghanistan” (Minority)
Kerry Opening Statement At Hearing Titled “Assessing U.S. Policy And Its Limits In Pakistan” (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On Honduran Court Ruling (Minority)
Kerry Opening Statement At Hearing Titled “Afghanistan: What is an acceptable end-state, and how do we get there?” (Minority)
Kerry Launches Another Comprehensive Series of Hearings to Examine and Assess U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On The Death Of Osama bin Laden (Minority)
Op-ed By Chairman Kerry: Getting The Transition Right (Minority)
April 2011
Chairman Kerry On Economic Sanctions Against Syria (Minority)
Kerry On President Obama’s National Security Team Nominations (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On The Violence At Camp Ashraf In Iraq (Minority)
Chairman Kerry Urges President Assad Not To Respond To Protests With Violence (Minority)
Chairman Kerry Highlights Three Key Areas To Help Strengthen World Bank’s Energy Sector Strategy (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On The Detention Of Laurent Gbagbo (Minority)
Senator Kerry Introduces Bill To Encourage Democratization In Belarus (Minority)
Chairman Kerry Opening Statement At Libya Hearing (Minority)
Chairman Kerry Congratulates Haitian President-Elect Martelly (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On Cote d’Ivoire: Former President Gbagbo Must Step Aside (Minority)
Chairman Kerry Delays Additional Spending On “Democracy Promotion” Programs In Cuba (Minority)
Chairman Kerry On UN Workers Killed In Afghanistan (Minority)
March 2011
Chairman Kerry On The Situation In Syria (Minority)
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