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April 2018
Menendez Reacts to Military Airstrikes in Syria
Opening Remarks by Senator Menendez at Pompeo Hearing
Menendez Statement on Trump Canceling Plans to Attend Summit of the Americas
Menendez Questions Government Contract to Cambridge Analytica Parent Company and Raises Ethical and Legal Concerns About its Work in Foreign Countries
Menendez, Engel, Cummings Demand Investigation Into State Department “Cleaning” of Career Employees
Menendez on Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria
Menendez Statement on U.S. Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs
Menendez Statement on Ethiopia’s Newly Appointed Prime Minister
March 2018
Menendez on Expulsion of Russian Diplomats Following Chemical Weapon Attack in Salisbury
Menendez Introduces Bipartisan Resolution Honoring Greece’s 197th Independence Day
Menendez, Colleagues Formally Request President Trump Provide Congress a Report on Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack
Menendez, Rubio, Leahy Raise Concerns with State Department About Recent Developments in Honduras
Menendez on H.R. McMaster’s Ouster as National Security Adviser, Decries Appointment of Bolton
Menendez Leads Series of Floor Speeches Condemning Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy Agenda
Menendez Statement on USAID’s Announcement of Humanitarian Assistance to Venezuela
Menendez on New Venezuela Sanctions Targeting Petro Cryptocurrency
Menendez Condemns Denial of Democratic Choice for Russian Citizens
Menendez, Colleagues Request Briefing on Sanctionable Sales of Russian Weapon Systems
Menendez Statement on U.S. Treasury Russia Sanctions for Election Meddling, Cyber Attacks
Menendez Opening Remarks at Hearing on State Fragility, Growth and Development
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