Chairman's Press

June 2011
Lugar Amendment Rejecting Obama Libyan War Justification Passes, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Asserts War Powers Act
Lugar Opposes Obama’s Intervention In Libya’s Civil War
Lugar to Propose 5 Amendments Restricting Obama’s Libyan War Powers Resolution
Lugar Says Afghan Troop Withdrawal Not Enough; Mission Must be Narrowed to Counter Terrorism
Lugar Highlights U.S.-Kazakhstan Nunn-Lugar Cooperation
Lugar Tells New U.S. Middle East Envoys to Promote Reform while Protecting American Security
Lugar Tells Afghan Nominee U.S. Must Focus Strategy, Defending Vital Security Interests at Less Cost
May 2011
Senator Lugar's Opening Statement for the Nomination Hearing of Gary Locke to be Ambassador to China
Lugar Says State Dept. Must Maintain Long-Term Strategic Focus Arms Control, Trade, Energy and Food Security Critical
Lugar Continues to Question Obama Strategies in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Lugar Warns Obama on Limits and Costs of Libya Engagement
Lugar Says Pakistan Must Adhere to Past Agreements to Fight Terrorism
Lugar Challenges Obama Administration on Libyan War Authorization
Lugar Calls for “Haitian-American Enterprise Fund”
Lugar Continues to Challenge Obama’s Libyan War Efforts Pentagon Refuses to Send a Witness to Defend Strategy
Lugar, Joined by Republican Senators, Calls for Ag Committee Hearings On Panama, Colombia and South Korean Trade Agreements
Lugar Says Obama Needs New Plan for Afghanistan
Lugar to appear on CNN’s John King, USA
Lugar to appear on CNN’s State of the Union
Lugar to appear on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC
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