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acrobatLegislative Activities Report 115th Congress
acrobatSFRC Minority Report Kelly Craft
acrobatS. Rept. 115-93 to accompany S. 1141
acrobatLegislative Activities Report 114th Congress
acrobatLegislative Activities Report 113th Congress
acrobatS. Rept. 114-176 to accompany S. 2152
acrobatS. 2946 Committee Report
acrobatS.J. RES. 36 Committee Report
acrobatAuthorizing the Limited Use of the US Armed Forces in Support of the NATO Mission in Libya - Report as amended (S.Rpt. 112-27)
acrobatKey Points for Report: Evaluating U.S. Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan
acrobatTibet: Seeking Common Ground on the Rooftop of the World: A Staff Trip Report
acrobatNunn-Lugar Global: The Africa Mission, November 2010
acrobatNST Inspection Escort
acrobatS. Rpt. 111-22: S. 1524 Foreign Assistance Revitalization and Accountability Act
acrobatGAO Report on Iraq 09-04-2007
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