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acrobat11-18-20 SFRC Majority China-Europe Report
acrobatindicted gru officials caatsa letter
acrobatLetter to Pompeo and Wolf re: INL DHS
acrobatLetter to Pompeo and Wolf re: INL DHS
acrobatbangladesh RAB sanctions letter
acrobatAzerbaijan Resolution of Request
acrobatTurkey Resolution of Request
acrobatrefugee resettlement letter
acrobatThe Cost of Trump's Foreign Policy Rollout Opener Remarks
acrobat2020 SFRC Minority Report – The Cost of Trump’s Foreign Policy – Damage and Consequences for U.S. and Global Security
acrobatReport: The Cost of Trump's Foreign Policy
acrobatSecure F35 Exports Act of 2020
acrobatLetter to State DOT DHS re removals to Venezuela
acrobatLetter to LOC on Armenian Genocide
acrobat2020 SFRC Minority Report – DHS Run Amok – A Reckless Overseas Operation, Violations, and Lies
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