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acrobatBicameral letter to Pompeo re Ecuador FM
acrobatNigeria Resolution
acrobatRM Reed Warner INF letter
acrobatRM Corker Letter Global Magnitsky Determination
acrobatVenezuela Bill Leg Counsel Edit
acrobatRM Statement on Russia in Syria
acrobatRM Statement For the Record Russia Sanctions NDAA
acrobatMarrakesh Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-6)
acrobatSerbia Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-4)
acrobatKosovo Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-5)
acrobatTrade Expansion Act of 1962
acrobatKirabati Committee Report (Exec. Rept. 115-3)
acrobatMicronesia Treaty Report (Exec. Rept. 115-2)
acrobatPutin's Asymmetric Assault on Democracy In Russia and Europe: Implications for U.S. National Security
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