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acrobatTreaty Doc. 111-04: Protocol Amending Tax Convention with France
acrobatExecutive Report 111-1: Executive Report Amending U.S.-France Tax Convention
acrobatS. Prt. 111-35: Tora Bora Revisited: How We Failed to Get Bin Laden and Why It Matters Today.
acrobatS. Prt. 111-4: Rules of the Committee on Foreign Relations
acrobatAfghanistan's Narco War: Breaking the Link Between Drug Traffickers and Insurgents
acrobatIran: Where We Are Today
acrobatTreaty Doc. 110-20: Protocols to The North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 on Accession of Albania and Croatia
acrobatTreaty Doc. 110-18: Tax Convention with Bulgaria with Proposed Protocol of Amendment
acrobatTreaty Doc. 110-17: Tax Convention with Iceland
acrobatTreaty Doc. 110-15: Protocol Amending 1980 Tax Convention with Canada
acrobatExecutive Report 110-19: International Convention on Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships
acrobatExecutive Report 110-21: 1996 Protocol to the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by the Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter
acrobatExecutive Report 110-13: Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties with the European Union
acrobatExecutive Report 110-12: Extradition Treaties with the European Union
acrobatTreaty Doc. 110-14: International Convention Against Doping in Sport
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