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U.S. Moves North Macedonia’s NATO Bid Forward

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today made the following statement regarding President Trump depositing the U.S. instrument of ratification for North Macedonia’s accession to NATO:

“I am glad that President Trump has taken action and the U.S. has now done its part to move North Macedonia’s NATO membership forward, and I encourage the few remaining NATO members to take immediate action. North Macedonia’s accession to NATO is long overdue and was supported overwhelmingly by the Senate, as our support for the strongest and most successful political-military alliance in history remains steadfast. Our adversaries hate to see NATO grow and thrive, and adding a 30th member sends a strong message about the future and strength of the alliance. I look forward to the day when all NATO nations have completed the ratification process and we can welcome them as a full-fledged member of NATO.”