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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Authorization for Use of Military Force Against ISIL

AUMF Passes by a Vote of 10 to 8

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued this statement following the passage of an Authorization for Use of Military Force against ISIL:

“Congress has a constitutional responsibility to uphold and a moral obligation to meet when sending our sons and daughters into war. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee fulfilled this weighty charge today through serious debate and committed action by voting for this Authorization for Use of Military Force against ISIL. This Committee met the challenge and did not allow inaction to define our congressional response to the grave threat that ISIL poses to innocent civilians, regional partners and international allies, and ultimately U.S. security interests. We stand resolved to defeat ISIL.”

“Specifically, this AUMF authorizes the President to use military force against ISIL for up to three years, but limits the activities of U.S. Armed Forces from participating in ground combat operations except in defined circumstances.  This AUMF would also require a report on the comprehensive strategy for this campaign after 60 days and sunset the 2001 Al-Qaeda AUMF after a period of 3 years enactment, unless it is reauthorized.

"The Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s action today was demanded by our most fundamental constitutional responsibilities. All Senators, regardless of how they voted, fulfilled a vital duty and performed a great service as members of the legislative branch for the American public and in particular, for members of our Armed Forces standing on watch in defense of our nation and its ideals. I urge the Senate leadership to bring this AUMF to the floor for a vote."