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Risch Statement on the Historic Signing of Sudan’s Power-Sharing Agreement in Khartoum

Washington, D.C.—U.S. Sen. Jim Risch, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released the following statement on the historic signing of a power-sharing agreement between Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and the civilian opposition Forces for Freedom and Change in Khartoum.

“Today’s historic signing of a political agreement and the Constitutional Declaration in Khartoum comes after a tumultuous period for the Sudanese people, including nationwide protests, the toppling of a 30-year dictator through a military coup, and deadly violence against citizens that must not be forgotten or repeated as the country moves forward. Sudan has much to celebrate today, but now the hard work begins.

“The Sudanese people deserve freedom, justice, economic opportunity, and political inclusion—this is what citizens have fought for since they bravely took to the streets last December. It is time for Sudan's leaders to deliver on the promises of the revolution and govern their country by putting citizens first and committing to peacefully and faithfully implementing the power-sharing agreement and constitutional framework.

“The U.S. and international community should support Sudan's democratic transition, but should only move as far and as fast as the country’s own leadership. A civilian-led process means citizens have a say in the decision-making of the country, and justice means that those who committed violent acts against the citizens are held to account for their crimes—both are vital benchmarks of progress.”