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Risch on China’s Ban of Micron

BOISE, Idaho - U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released the following statement after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) banned certain Chinese companies from using microchips made by Micron Technology:

“The CCP’s actions against Micron are blatantly coercive, and have nothing to do with China’s national security. The United States makes investment screening and export control decisions based on the rule of law, involving rigorous review and defensible legal standards. We cannot, and do not, decide to ban goods manufactured in other countries based on petty whims. By contrast, China targets companies in the United States and our allies and partners without providing a shred of evidence.

“The direct targeting of a U.S. company is an escalation of Beijing’s coercive tactics, and shows China is not interested in President Biden’s hopes for a ‘thaw’ in relations. As always, I will support Micron and work with U.S. allies to limit the damage of China’s actions.”