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Risch Applauds Committee Passage of Legislation on Taiwan, Iran, Peace Corps

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, applauded committee passage of legislation related to Taiwan, Iran, and the Peace Corps this week.

“I am proud to have several of my priorities pass through the committee this week. I continue to push the State Department to improve wait times for passport applications for Americans seeking to travel abroad and visas for foreigners hoping to visit and stimulate economic growth in the United States,” said Risch. “I also impel the Department to get Foreign Service Officers into some of the most challenging posts overseas, while promoting family togetherness for those serving.”

Taiwan Tax Agreement Act of 2023

“The Taiwan Tax Agreement provides an important opportunity to strengthen our economic relationship with Taiwan – one of the world’s largest economies,” said Risch. “This legislation will allow the president to start negotiating an agreement, modeled upon existing tax treaties, that would encourage increased investment between the U.S. and Taiwan by eliminating duplicative tax structures. It is important for the United States and other countries to increase their economic relations with Taiwan, especially given increased coercion by China. I hope the full Senate will vote on it soon.”

The Taiwan Tax Agreement Act of 2023 was introduced on May 4, 2023. Text of this legislation as introduced can be found here.

Resolution Commending the Bravery, Courage, and Resolve of Iranian Protestors

“Late last year, the Iranian people bravely protested the regime’s brutality and demonstrated their desire to live free of the regime’s oppressive mullahs,” said Risch. “This resolution recognizes their efforts and encourages the administration to do more to end the regime’s systemic persecution of women and state-sponsored murder of Iranian citizens, and to hold human rights violators in Iran accountable. Supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people must be a key pillar of our Iran policy.”

S.Con.Res.2 was introduced on January 26, 2023. Text of the resolution as introduced can be found here.

Peace Corps Reauthorization Act of 2023

“The Peace Corps Reauthorization Act is an important step in enacting long-overdue reforms that will improve the safety and security of our Peace Corps volunteers,” said Risch. “It includes important measures, such as reauthorization of the Sexual Assault Advisory Council, mandated security briefings, improved whistleblower protections, and a new authority to suspend Peace Corps volunteers without pay in the event of misbehavior.”

The Peace Corps Reauthorization Act of 2023 was introduced on April 19, 2023. Text of this legislation as introduced can be found here.