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Ranking Member Risch Applauds Committee Passage of Legislation on Ethiopia, Syria, and the Western Hemisphere

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today released the following statement after the committee approved two bills and 13 resolutions during a business meeting:

“I am glad the committee came together today to pass a number of important pieces of legislation,” said Risch. “First, I want to thank Senator Cardin and eight other members of this committee for partnering with me on S. Res. 97, a bipartisan resolution on Ethiopia. While Ethiopia’s transition faces significant challenges, passage of this resolution sends a bipartisan signal to Ethiopia, our allies, and our own government that the withdrawal of Eritrean forces, the cessation of hostilities, and getting Ethiopia back on track to achieve a once-in-a-generation democratic transition are priorities for the U.S. Senate.”

“I am also pleased that the committee passed S. Res. 99, a resolution I co-sponsored with Senator Menendez marking the 10 year anniversary of the Syrian conflict,” Risch continued. “This resolution reaffirms our support for the Syrian people, emphasizes the policy of the United States to seek a political solution to this prolonged conflict, and highlights the need for accountability for all of the crimes committed by Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers.”

“Finally, the committee’s passage of S. Res. 120 emphasizes our bipartisan commitment to a safe, democratic, and prosperous hemisphere,” Risch concluded. “As the United States prepares to host the 9th Summit of the Americas, we encourage the Biden Administration to use this opportunity to promote economic and political freedom for all in our hemisphere.”

The full list of legislation approved during today’s business meeting is below:


S.Res.122, Reaffirming the importance of United States alliances and partnerships.

S. Res. 97, A resolution calling on the Government of Ethiopia, the Tigray People's Liberation Front, and other belligerents to cease all hostilities, protect human rights, allow unfettered humanitarian access, and cooperate with independent investigations of credible atrocity allegations pertaining to the conflict in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.

S. Res.120, Recognizing the Ninth Summit of the Americas and reaffirming the commitment of the United States to a more prosperous, secure, and democratic Western Hemisphere.

S. Res. 99, A Resolution Observing the 10th anniversary of the uprising in Syria.

S. 615, A bill to establish an interagency program to assist countries in North Africa and West Africa to improve immediate and long-term capabilities to counter terrorist threats, and for other purposes.

S. Res. 22, A resolution reaffirming the partnership between the United States and the Republic of Ecuador and recognizing the restoration and advancement of economic relations, security, and development opportunities in both nations.

S. 335, Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Conservation Reauthorization Act.

S. Res. 81, A resolution honoring Las Damas de Blanco, a women-led nonviolent movement in support of freedom and human rights in Cuba, and calling for the release of all political prisoners in Cuba.

S. Res. 44, A resolution denouncing the Maduro regime's fraudulent legislative elections, the absence of acceptable conditions to ensure free, fair, and transparent electoral processes in Venezuela, and the further erosion of Venezuelan democracy.

S. Res. 36, A resolution reaffirming the strategic partnership between the United States and Mongolia and recognizing the 30th anniversary of democracy in Mongolia.

S. Res. 34, A resolution recognizing the 200th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States.

S. Res. 35, A resolution condemning the military coup that took place on February 1, 2021, in Burma and the Burmese military's detention of civilian leaders, calling for an immediate and unconditional release of all those detained and for those elected to serve in parliament to resume their duties without impediment, and for other purposes.

S. Res. 37, A resolution expressing solidarity with the San Isidro Movement in Cuba, condemning escalated attacks against artistic freedoms in Cuba, and calling for the repeal of laws that violate freedom of expression and the immediate release of arbitrarily detained artists, journalists, and activists.

S. Res. 114, A resolution commending the United States African Development Foundation on the occasion of its 40th anniversary for creating pathways to prosperity for underserved communities on the African continent through community-led development.

S. Res. 117, A resolution expressing support for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, or the Belfast Agreement, and subsequent agreements and arrangements for implementation to support peace on the island of Ireland.

The full agenda for this business meeting can be found here.