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Kerry on Egypt’s Elections

Washington, DC—To mark the first day of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) released the following statement:

“Last spring, the world celebrated the courage of the Egyptian people, but what comes next will establish Egypt’s political, economic, and social framework for generations. I hope that today’s elections mark the beginning of a new political order for Egypt. The work that began in Tahrir Square mustn’t end there.

“The Egyptian people have summoned grit, determination, and commitment casting their ballots even in the face of turmoil. Now the military must make way for a prompt transition to a civilian government with real authority. Otherwise, the revolution will have been a mere moment instead of an event that changed the course of history. No one wants to see Egyptians win a revolution that loses its historic potential in the transition. To confront Egypt’s challenges, this process must result in a government that reflects the aspirations of its people.”