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ICYMI: Risch Discusses Russia and Ukraine on Fox

BOISE, Idaho – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business and Charles Payne on Fox News to discuss Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the Biden Administration’s mixed messages.

To watch the full Fox Business interview on YouTube, click here.

To watch the full Fox News interview on YouTube, click here

On Russia’s aggression against Ukraine:

“I hope [Putin] isn’t mistaken to think this is 2014 when he went into the Crimea. This is a different ball game today. The world is fired up about this. Europe is much, much more fired up about this than it was. Yeah there is a handful of weak sisters there, but by and large, we do have considerable momentum from our NATO allies. So if he makes this mistake, the consequences are going to be serious there’s no question about it.”

On steps the Biden Administration should take:

“Well I’d start first with Nord Stream 2 immediately. We’ve tried to do that. The entire Congress was in favor of doing that until Biden convinced his party that they shouldn’t and backed them off of that. We had a vote on that last week and the Republicans were united – we even picked up some Democrats. That’s something that should be done.”

“I’m saying we should move ahead of time. We have finally convinced [the administration] to start sending arms to the Ukrainians. They are doing that… [The Ukranians] can make it very expensive for [Russia] causality wise with the right kind of weaponry. We’re getting some of that to them now – the Javelin, NI tank weapons, and some other classified material is going.”

The full Fox Business interview can be downloaded here.

The full Fox News interview can be downloaded here.