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Chairman Risch Statement on Chinese Threats to Hong Kong’s Autonomy

Washington, D.C. – Chairman Risch made the following statement regarding ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and in response to the Chinese government’s July 29 press conference:

“I am deeply concerned by the Chinese government’s statements yesterday that further demonstrate a complete unwillingness to listen to the Hong Kong people. In their comments, Chinese government officials cited the importance of upholding the Basic Law – which China has routinely undermined through its growing encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

"The Hong Kong people are protesting in pursuit of legitimate rights and freedoms, and they deserve accountability from their government. As I have said before, the Hong Kong government should fully withdraw the extradition bill, and conduct an independent investigation of excessive force by the police. The people of Hong Kong, as all people, have the right to peaceful protest and the government’s response of violence is unacceptable.”