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Chairman Kerry Welcomes Talks Between Serbia And Kosovo

Washington, D.C.—Beginning today, Serbia and Kosovo will hold direct talks for the first time since Kosovo declared independence three years ago. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) released a statement commending the European Union sponsored talks to address a number of disputed issues, including border transit. 

“A decade ago, the tragic conflict in Kosovo attracted the attention of the world,” said Chairman Kerry.  “Painstaking efforts by individuals on both sides of the conflict along with international community have brought us to this day when Serbs and independent Kosovars will meet to peacefully address the outstanding issues between them. Often, we pay more attention to the turmoil at the beginning of a crisis than to the hard work and quiet diplomacy that accompanies its resolution. This day was not inevitable and officials from both governments deserve credit for helping their people secure a more prosperous future.”