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Chairman Kerry On The Khmer Rouge Tribunal

WASHINGTON, D.C. –While traveling in Cambodia, Secretary of State Clinton called on the government of Cambodia to prosecute Khmer Rouge leaders for genocide and other crimes.  Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) released the following statement: 

“The United States supports the Khmer Rouge tribunal not only because it provides an avenue for Cambodians to confront their country’s tragic past, but also because it demonstrates how an independent judiciary that upholds the rule of law is vital to safeguarding basic human rights. Our support for the tribunal and Cambodia’s democratic institutions should remain steadfast.  I hope the government of Cambodia and the tribunal’s international backers will provide the necessary political support and funding to see the job through.”

Chairman Kerry was instrumental in the creation of the Khmer Rouge tribunal, traveling to Cambodia on a number of occasions to help structure the tribunal in ways acceptable to both the Cambodian government and the United Nations.  In August, Chairman Kerry wrote an op-ed titled “More justice for Cambodians”, which calls for the international community to continue to support efforts to bring Khmer Rouge leaders to justice.