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July 2013
Chairman Menendez Statement on the Tragic Train Accident in Spain
Chairman Menendez Opening Statement at Hearing, “Crisis in Egypt”
Chairman Menendez Statement on Latest Developments Regarding Edward Snowden
Chairman Menendez Statement on SIGAR Report on Flawed Reconstruction Projects in Afghanistan
Chairman Menendez Statement on the European Union Decision to Place Hezbollah’s Military Arm on Europe’s Terrorism List
Chairman Menendez Statement on Framework for Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Chairman Menendez Statement on Sentencing of Russian Activist Alexei Navalny
Chairman Menendez Statement on Cuban Weapon Transfers to North Korea
Chairman Menenadez Opening Statement at Nomination Hearing for Samantha Power to Serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
Chairman Menendez Opening Statement at Hearing, “The Embassy Security and Personnel Protection Act of 2013”
Chairman Menendez Statement of Verdict against Sergei Magnitsky for Tax Evasion
Chairman Menendez Opening Statement at Hearing, “Assessing the Transition in Afghanistan”
Chairman Menendez Statement on American Companies’ Plan to Improve Garment Factory Safety in Bangladesh
Chairman Menendez Statement on Developing Situation in Egypt
Chairman Menendez Statement Calling on Russia to Facilitate Edward Snowden’s Return to the U.S.
June 2013
Legislation Granting Taiwan Observer Status at International Civil Aviation Organization Passes Congress, Heads to President for Signature
Chairman Menendez Applauds Administration’s Decision to Suspend Preferential Trade Status to Bangladesh
Chairman Menendez Calls on the Russian Government to Release Fugitive Edward Snowden into the Custody of the United States
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Legislation Expanding U.S. Exports to Africa, Compensating American Hostages Held in Iran during Embassy Crisis
Chairman Menendez: “Edward Snowden is a Fugitive Deserving Prosecution, not a Whistleblower Worthy of Protection.”
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