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Senators Menendez, Cruz introduce Senate Resolution Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth




Menendez visited Raj Ghat, India, today in observance of the national holiday

WASHINGTON – Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), introduced a Senate Resolution celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi on October 2nd, 1869.

The Bipartisan Resolution lays out Gandhi’s decades-long struggle for Indian independence from Great Britain, and his pioneering of non-violent protest as a means of political change—which helped to liberate millions of Indians, and inspiring peaceful activists around the world, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I am proud to lead this resolution which honors Gandhi, a man whose memory is held with such reverence around the world.  Gandhi was the great spirit that led India’s people to freedom.  As we honor his towering legacy as a champion of human rights and democracy, we also draw inspiration to face our own challenges today all around the world. Equal rights for women.  Equal rights for minorities. Equal rights for the LGBT community.  Protection of the environment,” said Senator Menendez. “As we mark this momentous 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, let ourselves recommit to the values that he preached and embodied.”

“Gandhi’s unwavering commitment to peaceful dissent inspired countless others not just in India but around the world,” said Senator Cruz. “His life, sacrifices, and legacy continue to be a light around the world, calling attention to the tyranny and injustice that dictators seek to conduct in darkness. Let us honor him by continuing to encourage and support all of those seeking to be free. 

Senator Menendez is currently on official travel in India, where he celebrated Gandhi’s 150th birthday today at the Raj Ghat, a memorial to Gandhi at the place where he was cremated. The Senator is also holding a series of meetings with civil society, security and government officials in the country. Last week, Menendez also convened a roundtable with Indian-American community leaders from across New Jersey to discuss his commitment to fostering the U.S.-India relationship.

A copy of the resolution can be found here.