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Menendez on H.R. McMaster’s Ouster as National Security Adviser, Decries Appointment of Bolton

WASHINGTONU.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued the following statement after President Trump announced via Twitter that he had replaced General H.R. McMaster with John Bolton as his National Security Adviser.

"The continued chaos at the White House is a grave threat to our nation's security and the ability to effectively assert strong American leadership in the world. To say our adversaries are relishing this disarray does not even come close. General McMaster served with honor and dignity in trying circumstances, seeking to advance our national security and the interests and values of all Americans.

“I am troubled by the suggestions that his efforts to hold Russia accountable for its attacks on the United States had anything to do with his resignation.

“Furthermore, I am also deeply concerned about the dangerous impact John Bolton will have on our national security. 

“While the President may see in Mr. Bolton a sympathetic sycophant, I would remind him that Mr. Bolton has a reckless approach to advancing the safety and security of Americans – far outside any political party. Let us recall that Mr. Bolton forcefully advocated for the Iraq war, which as of this week is in its 15th year. I proudly voted against the Iraq war, which has taken the lives of nearly 4,400 Americans, wounded over 32,000 more, and resulted in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths to date.

“Critically, Mr. Bolton does not have the faith and confidence of Congress. I, for one, intend to ensure that Congress fully exercises our power and authority under Article I of the Constitution to conduct vigorous oversight of our nation's foreign policy during these chaotic times."