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Lugar's Big Numbers

12,421 Days of Service in Congress
12,587 Votes in the Senate
98.2% Voting Attendance
$5.2 Million Office Funds Returned

When Indiana Senator Dick Lugar accompanies former Vice President Dan Quayle of Indiana to witness the swearing in of new Indiana Senator Dan Coats on the floor of the Senate in Washington today for the opening of the 112th Congress, Lugar will become the longest serving Member of Congress in Indiana history.

Lugar, who is the most senior Republican in the Senate, will be serving his 12,421st day in Congress, surpassing the 12,420 days served by the late Congressman Ray Madden, the 12,419 days served by former Congressman Lee Hamilton, and the 12,394 days served by the late Congressman Charles Halleck.

According to the Library of Congress, the only other Hoosiers to serve 30 years or more in Congress is William Holman, who served in the House and Senate at various intervals from 1859 to 1897, and former Congressman Andy Jacobs Jr.

In addition to a dedication to service, Lugar has long embraced the Hoosier values of diligence and frugality. During Lugar’s tenure, he has cast 12,587 votes on the Senate floor, where he spent eight days last month successfully managing passage of the New Start Treaty. Lugar, who is 11th in all time Senate voting, missed only 223 votes for a 98.2% voting rating.

Lugar has also returned to the Senate, more than $5.2 million in unspent office allowance funds.