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Lugar Votes for DREAM Act

Senator Dick Lugar issued the following statement after voting in favor of debating the DREAM Act. The motion failed 55-41. Sixty votes were required.
Today, I voted in support of the Senate taking up debate on the DREAM Act. Unfortunately, the motion failed.
The DREAM Act would provide a select group of high achieving students with a tough, but fair pathway to legal residency. In that way they can serve in our Armed Forces and contribute to the economic future of America. The U.S. Department of Defense supports this legislation as it will allow a greater number of high-quality individuals to volunteer for the United States Armed Forces.  These are individuals with high school degrees and a desire to serve this country. 
I appreciate the support I’ve received from educators, churches, and young people around Indiana, and pledge to work to pass this legislation in the next Congress.
I regret that the Senate could not have given the DREAM Act full consideration and debate.