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Lugar Statement on North Korean Food Aid

In response to the Obama Administration ‘s current review of recent North Korean requests for a resumption  of U.S. food aid to North Korea Senator Lugar issued the following statement:

“Any resumption of U.S. food aid to North Korea should be contingent on North Korea allowing access and accountability by monitors in accordance with international standards. It is essential to ensure that the U.S. assistance is actually received by hungry North Korean children and their families rather than reinforcing the North Korean military whose care is already a priority over the rest of the population.

“Also, the United States and North Korea should come to terms regarding the 22,000 metric tons of commodity that was not distributed according to the conditions of a bilateral agreement at the time North Korea expelled U.S. monitors In 2009.”

Since 1995, U.S. humanitarian assistance, fuel oil and medical supplies to North Korea has amounted to over $1 billion.