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Chairman Menendez Statement in Support of Women-Led Protests Across Iran

JERSEY CITY - U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today issued the below statement in support of protests across Iran which were first sparked by the arrest, beating, and murder of Mahsa Amini by the regime’s morality police in addition to broader outrage over systemic violence against women: 

“Three weeks ago, the brave women of Iran were joined by their friends, classmates, and neighbors as they channeled their grief into protests against the regime’s systemic misogyny and repression. 

“The regime in Tehran has relied on a well-worn playbook – deadly force against protesters, mass detentions of civilians and journalists, and communication blackouts to prevent the protests from spreading further. But its brutality has failed to extinguish the growing demands of the people of Iran.

“To be clear, no one should be surprised that the world’s worst sponsor of terrorism is killing and beating its own people into submission. But the eyes of the world must remain on Iran as its women and men display a deep well of courage to voice long-standing grievances and clamor for their fundamental rights.

“The United States and the international community have an obligation to stand shoulder to shoulder with them as they sacrifice everything in their struggle for dignity. We must use every peaceful tool at our disposal to support their aspirations.”



Juan Pachon