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Chair Cardin Statement on International Women’s Day

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued a statement honoring the achievements of women and girls around the world on International Women’s Day.

“In Sudan, amidst political turmoil and conflict, women are at the forefront of advocating for peace and equal rights. In Burma, where the military junta continues to forcefully displace communities, women are leading grassroots movements to provide humanitarian aid and champion democratic freedoms. Haiti, facing natural disasters, political instability, and gang violence, has seen women take charge in community recovery efforts – ensuring access to education and healthcare, and fighting against the rampant sexual violence that threatens their lives. Their resilience and determination embody the spirit of International Women’s Day, showcasing the profound impact women can make in leading their communities toward a better future.

“As we honor and celebrate the achievements of women around the world, let us also ensure our commitment to them and their collective fight for equality extends beyond rhetoric. Here at home and around the world, the United States must continue championing initiatives and legislation that aim to uplift women — particularly the most vulnerable and marginalized, such as those in Afghanistan — and close the gender gap once and for all. We can and must continue working together to build a more equitable nation and world where women are empowered to follow their dreams and shape their own futures, recognizing that their success is integral to our shared progress and prosperity.”