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Chair Cardin Statement on Announcement of New Military Assistance for Ukraine

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued a statement after the Biden Administration announced a new package of weapons and equipment to support Ukraine as it defends against Russian aggression.

“President Biden’s immediate delivery of $1 billion worth of air defense missiles, artillery rounds, and other essential equipment is vital to protecting Ukrainian lives and defending democracy abroad. This additional assistance will help defeat Russia and ensure that the Ukrainian soldiers – who were exhausted and running out of ammo – have the resources and high morale that they need to keep up the fight against Russian aggression.

“I am also pleased that today’s announcement coincides with the enactment of President Biden’s national security supplemental request, which includes $61 billion in support to Ukraine in its hour of need. While the supplemental funding package was unnecessarily delayed by a partisan agenda in the House of Representatives, our work to push it through, along with the President’s announcement today, shows that America’s commitment to global leadership is strong. The United States will always stand for our values of freedom and democracy, as well as our allies working to protect them. We will stand by Ukraine as it confronts Vladimir Putin’s assault until Ukraine liberates those living under Russian occupation. Slava Ukraini.”