Chairman's Press

September 2013
Corker: New Syria Authorization Limits Scope and Duration of Military Action Against Assad Regime in Syria
Corker Statement on Foreign Relations Committee Hearings on Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Syria
August 2013
Corker Statement on President Obama Asking for Congressional Authorization for U.S. Military Action in Syria
Corker Statement Following Obama Administration Briefings on Assad Regime’s Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
In Case You Missed It: Corker Again Urges Administration to Seek Congressional Approval for Surgical, Proportional Action in Syria
Corker Urges Obama Administration to Seek Congressional Authorization for U.S. Strikes in Response to Evidence of Chemical Attacks in Syria
Corker Anticipates Surgical U.S. Response to Likely Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Does Not Want Action to Upset Overall Strategy to Strengthen Moderate Opposition
Corker Seeks Full Briefing for Senators on NSA Surveillance Activities
Corker Statement on State Department Decision Not to Discipline Employees Involved in Security Failures in Benghazi
Corker on ABC’s “This Week” Calls for U.S. to Recalibrate Aid to Egypt, Focus on American National Interests in the Region
Corker Returns from Middle East Trip to Turkey, Iraq and Jordan
Corker Statement on Violence in Egypt
Royce, Engel, Menendez, Corker Call For Human Rights Improvement in South Sudan
July 2013
Corker: Immediate Cut Off of Security Assistance to Egypt Could Promote Instability, Threaten U.S. and Israel’s Interests
Corker Op-ed in Foreign Policy: "Out in the Open"
Corker: U.S. Should Call for Calm, Peaceful Transition to Democracy in Egypt
Corker: Improving Embassy Security Requires Accountability and Setting Priorities
Corker: Obama Administration Must Quit Delaying Decision on Troop Levels in Afghanistan after 2014 to Preserve Security Progress
Corker Participates in Woodrow Wilson Center Event: “AUMF: Reasserting the Role of Congress”
Corker Statement on North American Apparel Retailers Plan to Improve Safety, Working Conditions in Bangladesh Garment Industry
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