Chairman's Press

March 2011
Lugar Says No Trade Deal, Without All Three Trade Deals
Lugar Says U.S Cannot Afford a War in Libya
Lugar to appear on CNN’s John King, USA
Lugar Named by Nancy Reagan to Serve on Ronald Reagan Centennial Committee
Lugar Says Economic Growth Hurt by Obama Administration
Lugar Cosponsors Legislation to Prevent Further EPA Regulation
Opening Statement by Senator Richard G. Lugar SFRC Hearing on “Navigating a Turbulent Global Economy”
Lugar Requests Extension on White River Comment Period
Opening Statement State Department Budget Hearing Senator Richard G. Lugar March 2, 2011
Lugar Presses Obama Administration on America POW/MIA
Lugar Cautions State Department on Spending
February 2011
Lugar Warns Obama Administration is Making America Vulnerable
Lugar Blasts EPA Dust Regulations
Lugar Urges More Action on Internet Freedom
Lugar Statement on North Korean Food Aid
Lugar Calls for Repeal of Jackson-Vanik Trade Restrictions on Moldova
Lugar: Failure to Ratify Free Trade Agreements Costing Jobs
January 2011
Nunn-Lugar Update
Lugar Calls for “Highly Visible” Presidential Initiative on Energy Security
Lugar to appear on Bloomberg TV's Political Capital
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