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June 2013
Corker Urges Obama Administration to Nominate Full-Time IG at State Department to Provide Accountability After 5-Year Vacancy
Corker Continues Quest for Answers on Obama Administration’s Rationale for Alleged U.S. Cash Payments to Afghan President Karzai
Corker Urges President Obama to Provide Weapons & Training to Vetted Syrian Opposition Groups to Help Shift Balance Toward Moderates
Corker: Disclosure of NSA Surveillance Programs Necessitates Congressional Oversight to Ensure Anti-terrorism Actions Comply with the Law
Corker Seeks Explanation from White House for NSA’s Sweeping Collection of U.S. Phone Records
Corker Statement on Transition at National Security Advisor
Corker: U.S. Sanctions on Iran Should Target Regime, Maintain International Consensus on Isolating Iran
May 2013
Corker Reiterates Call for Congress to Update 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Al Qaeda to Address Evolving Terrorist Threats
Syria Transition Support Act Introduced by Menendez, Corker Passes Senate Foreign Relations Committee
In Case You Missed It: Obama Administration Stonewalls American People on Corker Question about Secret U.S. Cash Payments to Afghan President
Menendez, Corker Introduce Syria Transition Support Act
Corker Continues to Seek Explanation from President Obama for Secret U.S. Cash Payments to Afghan President
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republicans Request Hearing on Benghazi to Address New Revelations on Obama Administration’s Response to Attacks, Lack of Accountability at State Department
In Case You Missed It: Corker on MSNBC Questions Lack of Accountability for State Department Officials Involved in Benghazi Failures
Corker Statement on President Obama’s USTR Nomination
Corker to President Obama: Secret U.S. Cash Payments to Karzai Lack Accountability, Promote Corruption, and Break Trust with Taxpayers
April 2013
Corker: U.S. Assessment of Chemical Agent’s Use in Syria “Deeply Troubling”
Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduce Organization of American States Revitalization and Reform Act of 2013
New York Times (OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR): Dithering While Damascus Burns
Corker & Inhofe Foreign Policy – National Security (Rebuttal): Off to a Bad Start
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