Chairman's Press

April 2011
Lugar Warns Obama Administration of Mission Creep in Libyan War (Majority)
Lugar Resolution Recognizes Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster (Majority)
Lugar Calls for Increased Transparency and Action to Prevent Fraud in Global Health Programs (Majority)
Lugar Says Costly, Ill-Defined War in Libya Looms (Majority)
Lugar announces $32 Million Grant to Purdue to Train Afghan Farmers (Majority)
March 2011
Lugar Calls on President Obama to Define End Game and Costs in Libyan War (Majority)
Lugar Urges Colombian President Santos to Extradite Suspected Drug Kingpin Walid Makled to the United States (Majority)
Lugar Says U.S. Must be Advocate for Religious Freedom (Majority)
Lugar Meets with Indiana American Legion Delegation (Majority)
Lugar: Budget and Troops Too Stretched for Libyan Action (Majority)
Lugar to appear on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC (Majority)
Lugar to appear on CBS Face the Nation (Majority)
Lugar applauds opening of Nunn-Lugar Bio-Threat Laboratory in Tbilisi, Georgia (Majority)
Lugar Says War Spending Must be Considered in Libya Debate (Majority)
Lugar, Stutzman Introduce Bill to Ensure U.S. Farmers Are Represented in Environmental Decisions (Majority)
Lugar Tells Christian Coalition Costs of Foreign Oil Are Too High (Majority)
Lugar Says Arab League Should Pay for Libyan No-Fly Zone (Majority)
Kerry-Lugar-Udall Visa Bill Will Create Jobs in America
Lugar Says No Trade Deal, Without All Three Trade Deals (Majority)
Lugar Says U.S Cannot Afford a War in Libya (Majority)
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