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May 2013
Corker to President Obama: Secret U.S. Cash Payments to Karzai Lack Accountability, Promote Corruption, and Break Trust with Taxpayers
April 2013
Corker: U.S. Assessment of Chemical Agent’s Use in Syria “Deeply Troubling”
Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduce Organization of American States Revitalization and Reform Act of 2013
New York Times (OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR): Dithering While Damascus Burns
Corker & Inhofe Foreign Policy – National Security (Rebuttal): Off to a Bad Start
Corker: President’s FY 2014 State Department Budget Request “Reflects Sense of Uncertainty” on Planning for Syria and Unanswered Questions on Benghazi
Corker WSJ Op-ed: Does China Really Want a Nuclear Japan and South Korea?
Corker Statement on Secretary Kerry Clarifying Comments on U.S. Missile Defense Concessions
Corker Says Japan's Participation in Trans-Pacific Trade Talks Good for Growing Jobs, Economy in US
Corker Warns of Lack of Clarity in US Syria Strategy, Calls for Post-Assad Plan and Congressional Consultation Prior to Significant Changes in US Involvement
Corker to President Obama: Senate Must Be Fully Consulted Prior to Expanded U.S. Involvement to Stem Crisis in Syria
Corker Statement on Passing of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
March 2013
Corker Bloomberg View Op-Ed: "U.S.-EU Trade Deal Is Good for Jobs and Prosperity"
In Case You Missed It: Corker Calls for Updating 2001 Authorization for Use of Force Against Al Qaeda to Address New and Emerging Threats
Corker to Visit Japan, China and South Korea on Economic Mission
Corker: A Positive U.S.-EU Trade Deal Could Advance Economic Growth in the U.S. for Generations
Corker: After 11 Years, Time to Consider Updating Authorization for Use of Force Against Al Qaeda to Address New and Emerging Threats
Corker Says International Humanitarian Assistance in Syria is High Priority, Warns of Security Risks As Conflict Drags On
Corker on Fox News Urges Obama Administration to Deploy Missile Defense Capabilities on East Coast, Questions Changes to European-Based Missile Shield
Corker Calls for Obama Administration to Explain Changes to Missile Defense Plans for U.S. & Europe
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