Chairman's Press

April 2014
Corker: No Logical Reason Not to Build Keystone XL Pipeline
Corker and Ayotte: Latest U.S. Sanctions on Russia Just a Slap on the Wrist
In Case You Missed It: Corker on CBS Face the Nation: Sanctions on Russian Individuals Not Enough to Change Putin’s Behavior
Corker: Putin Only Emboldened by Obama Administration's Empty Rhetoric on New Sanctions
Corker: Ukraine Success Critical for U.S., European Allies
Corker: Russian Interference in Ukraine and Moldova is “A Wake-Up Call”
In Case You Missed It: Corker on NBC’s Meet the Press Urges Administration to Impose Tougher Sanctions on Russia
Corker: Obama Administration Makes “Every Excuse Imaginable” to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision
In Case You Missed It: Corker: Obama Administration’s Response to Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine “a Day Late and a Dollar Short”
Corker Urges President Obama to Impose New Sanctions on Russia to Deter Further Intervention in Ukraine
In Case You Missed It: Corker Urges More Economic Sanctions Against Russia “As Another Shot Across the Bow”
Corker Asks Kerry to Follow Through on Commitment for Syria Briefing
Corker: 150,000 Killed in Syria, Still No Strategy from the Obama Administration
Corker: Obama Administration Must Restore All Sanctions if Iranian-Russian Oil-for-Goods Deal Proceeds
Corker: House Passage of Senate Ukraine Bill “Allows Congress to Speak with One Voice”
March 2014
Corker: President Obama’s Comments on Syria “Completely Divorced from Reality”
Corker: Senate Passage of Ukraine Bill Sends Strong Message of Support to Ukrainian People, Condemns Russia for Actions in Crimea
Corker: U.S. Should Expand Sanctions on Russian Banks to “Turn Up the Volume” on Putin Regime
Corker: Complete Failure of U.S. Policy in Syria Necessitates New Approach
Corker: President Obama Should Target Russian State-Owned Companies with Sanctions
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