April 03, 2009

Senate Passes Budget Resolution That Includes Four Billion Dollars Restored To The International Affairs Budget By Chairman Kerry

Washington, D.C. - This evening, the Senate passed President Obama's FY2010 budget resolution, including $4 billion restored to President's international affairs budget by the April 1 passage of the Kerry-Lugar amendment. The $4 billion will make it possible for the Administration to pursue critical foreign policy and national security objectives including: increasing foreign aid to vital programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan; rebuilding the diplomatic and development capacity of the Department of State and USAID; and providing life-saving treatment for people with HIV/AIDS.

"This is a victory for an American foreign policy that keeps our commitments in a dangerous world and evidence that America will not walk away from our global responsibilities," said Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry. "The programs funded by the international affairs budget are critical for restoring America's leadership role in the world and demonstrate our commitment to new era of American diplomacy, outreach, cooperation, and leadership." The international affairs budget funds all State Department operations, foreign aid, and foreign policy programs. This includes all U.S. diplomatic programs, global health initiatives on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and humanitarian assistance programs to help stabilize fragile states, reduce global poverty and assist refugees

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