August 12, 2013

Chairman Menendez Travels to Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China for Bilateral Meetings

Newark, NJ – U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) departed this afternoon for a nine-day visit to Asia, his first visit to the region as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Menendez will visit:

  • Japan on August 13th through the 15th
  • Taiwan on August 15th through the 17th
  • Korea on August 17th through the 19th
  • China on August 19th through the 21st

In Japan, Chairman Menendez is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Abe, Foreign Minister Kishida, Defense Minister Onodera, as well as New Komeito Party Chairman Yamaguchi, and Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Kawai. Menendez will also visit with the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan as well with Japan Railway officials.

In Taiwan, Menendez is scheduled to meet with Vice President Wu Dun-yi, Premier Jiang, Defense Minister Yen, and speak before the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.

In Korea, Menendez will meet with President Park, Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, and National Security Adviser Kim Jang-soo. He will visit with U.S. Armed Forces commanders and personnel at USFK in Seoul, and meet with the Minister of National Defense Kim Kwan-jin and ROK Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Jeong Seung-jo.

Menendez will also deliver a keynote address on U.S. policy in Asia at the Asan Institute and meet with the American Chamber of Commerce.

In China, Menendez is scheduled to visit with senior members of China’s leadership. He will meet as well with the American Chamber of Commerce.

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