October 30, 2009

Chairman Kerry Statement On The Ongoing Crisis In Honduras

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry released the following statement today in response to yesterday's developments in the Honduran negotiations.

"I welcome the initiative taken by Roberto Michiletti yesterday in his phone call to Costa Rican President Oscar Arias," said Chairman Kerry. Michiletti reportedly expressed his support for the San Jose process and discussed refinements to the San Jose Accord, which calls for President Zelaya's conditioned return to Honduras. According to Chairman Kerry, "The accord represents the best solution to the ongoing Honduran crisis. Effective verification and implementation of the accord are paramount, and I believe that President Arias, President Zelaya, and Mr. Michiletti and will appoint a well-qualified international envoy toward this end. I deeply appreciate President Oscar Arias' leadership as the mediator of the dialogue and I commend the Business Council of Latin America on their vital role in the negotiation process."

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