June 07, 2009

Chairman Kerry Statement On The Lebanese Elections

 Washington, D.C.-- Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) released the following statement in response Lebanon's successful parliamentary elections:

"Today's parliamentary elections marked a significant step forward for democracy in Lebanon. The people of Lebanon should be commended for rejecting violence and showing their commitment to legitimate political discourse with a spirited campaign and high voter turnout.

"If early results hold, the leaders of the March 14th movement deserve a great deal of credit for persevering through difficult times. They will have our continuing support as they work to build a better future for the Lebanese people.

"Through a difficult year, President Michel Sulieman has proven himself to be both a statesman and a moderating influence on Lebanese politics. Equally encouragingly, Lebanese civil society has begun to emerge as a powerful force for democratic reform.

"I encourage all Lebanese leaders to work quickly to assemble a new government that reflects both Lebanon's great diversity and the democratic aspirations of its people."

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