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S.Res.410 A resolution commemorating the life of Luis Alejandro "Alex" Villamayor and calling for justice and accountability.
S.Res.408 A resolution commemorating the 59th anniversary of Tibet's 1959 uprising as "Tibetan Rights Day", and expressing support for the human rights and religious freedom of the Tibetan people and the Tibetan Buddhist faith community.
S.Res.407 A resolution recognizing the critical work of human rights defenders in promoting human rights, the rule of law, democracy, and good governance.
H.R.3542 To impose sanctions against Hamas for violating universally applicable international laws of armed conflict by intentionally using civilians and civilian property to shield military objectives from lawful attack, and for other purposes.
S.Res.402 A resolution calling upon the President to exercise relevant mandatory sanctions authorities under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act in response to the Government of the Russian Federation's continued aggression in Ukraine and illegal occupation of Crimea and assault on democratic institutions around the world, including through cyber attacks.
S.2060 Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017
S.2412 A bill to support the successful implementation of the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement in Cambodia, and for other purposes.
H.R.1997 Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act of 2017
H.R.3851 War Crimes Rewards Expansion Act
S.Res.391 A resolution calling for the immediate extradition or rendering to the United States of convicted felons William Morales, Joanne Chesimard, and all other fugitives from justice who are receiving safe harbor in Cuba in order to escape prosecution or confinement for criminal offenses committed in the United States.
S.2365 A bill to impose additional sanctions with respect to serious human rights abuses by the Government of Iran, and for other purposes.
S.Res.384 A resolution congratulating the Republic of Korea for hosting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and supporting the alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea.
S.2333 A bill to prohibit assistance to the Government of Pakistan, and to require the Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development to transfer amounts to the Highway Trust Fund equivalent to historic levels of assistance to Pakistan.
H.R.3326 World Bank Accountability Act of 2017
H.R.3320 To direct the Secretary of State to develop a strategy to regain observer status for Taiwan in the World Health Organization, and for other purposes.
H.R.4564 Post-Caliphate Threat Assessment Act of 2017
S.Res.371 A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on the value of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Mexico.
S.Res.367 A resolution condemning the Government of Iran for its violence against demonstrators and calling for peaceful resolution to the concerns of the citizens of Iran.
S.Res.368 A resolution supporting the right of all Iranian citizens to have their voices heard.
S.2265 A bill to promote democracy and the rule of law in Nicaragua, and for other purposes.
H.R.1159 United States and Israel Space Cooperation Act
S.Res.139 A resolution condemning the Government of Iran's state-sponsored persecution of its Baha'i minority and its continued violation of the International Covenants on Human Rights.
S.Res.363 A resolution expressing profound concern about the growing political, humanitarian, and economic crisis in Venezuela and the widespread human rights abuses perpetrated by the Government of Venezuela.
S.Res.150 A resolution recognizing threats to freedom of the press and expression around the world and reaffirming freedom of the press as a priority in efforts of the United States Government to promote democracy and good governance.
S.371 Department of State Authorities Act, Fiscal Year 2017, Improvements Act
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