Subcommittee Hearing

The State of Democracy in Venezuela

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004 Time: 02:00 PM Location: 419 Dirksen Senate Office Building Presiding: Senator Norm Coleman


Panel I

  1. The Honorable Roger F. Noriega
    Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
    Department of State
    Washington , DC
  2. The Honorable John F. Maisto
    United States Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States
    Washington , DC

Panel II

  1. Dr. Jennifer McCoy
    Director of the Americas Program
    Carter Center
    Atlanta , GA
  2. Jose M. Vivanco
    Executive Director, Americas Division
    Human Rights Watch
    Washington , DC
  3. Miguel Diaz
    Director, Americas Program (MERCOSUR/South America)
    Center for Strategic and International Studies
    Washington , DC
  4. Roger Tissot
    Director of Markets and Countries Group Latin America
    PFC Energy
    Washington , DC
  5. Dr. Mark Weisbrot
    Center for Economic and Policy Research
    Washington , DC