Full Committee Hearing

The Effects of the Madrid Terrorist Attacks on U.S. European Cooperation in the War on Terrorism

Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 Time: 02:30 PM Location: 106 Dirksen Senate Office Building Presiding: Senator George Allen

Member Statements

  1. Senator Joe Biden (Democratic - DE)


Panel I

  1. The Honorable J. Cofer Black
    Coordinator, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism
    Department of State
    Washington , DC

Panel II

  1. Mr. Robert Kagan
    Senior Associate
    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    Washington , DC
  2. Dr. Robin Niblett
    Executive Vice President
    Center For Strategic & International Studies
    Washington , DC
  3. Dr. Philip Gordon
    Senior Fellow & Director, Center on the United States and Europe
    The Brookings Institution
    Washington , DC
  4. The Honorable James F. Dobbins
    Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center
    National Security Research Division RAND Corp.
    Washington , DC