Full Committee Hearing

POSTPONED: North American Border Security

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2005 Time: 02:00 PM Location: 419 Dirksen Senate Office Building Presiding: Senator Richard Lugar Status: POSTPONED

There was no video broadcast for this event.


Panel I

  1. The Honorable Chuck Hagel
    United States Senate
  2. The Honorable John Cornyn
    United States Senate
  3. The Honorable John McCain
    United States Senate

Panel II

  1. The Honorable Roger Noriega
    Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs
    Department of State
    Washington , DC
  2. The Honorable Paul McHale
    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense
    Department of Defense
    Washington , DC
  3. Mr. David Aguilar
    Chief of the U.S Border Patrol
    Department of Homeland Security
    Washington , DC

Panel III

  1. Dr. Robert Pastor
    Vice President of International Affairs and Director of the Center for North American Studies
    American University
    Washington , DC
  2. Mr. Caesar Sereseres
    Associate Professor of Political Science
    University of California
    Irvine , CA