Full Committee Hearing

Effects and Consequences of an Emerging China

Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 Time: 02:30 PM Location: 419 Dirksen Senate Office Building Presiding: Senator Sam Brownback


Panel I

  1. Mr. Randall Schriver
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for China
    Department of State
    Washington , CA
  2. Mr. Charles Freeman
    Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative
    Office of the US Trade Representative
    Washington , DC

Panel II

  1. Dr. Robert A. Kapp
    The US-China Business Council
    Washington , DC
  2. Ms. Hilary B. Rosen
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Recording Industry Association of America
    Washington , DC

Panel III

  1. Dr. Larry Wortzel
    The Heritage Foundation
    Washington , DC
  2. Dr. David M. Lampton
    Director of Chinese Studies
    The Nixon Center
    Washington , DC