Business Meeting

Business Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2015 Time: 10:00 AM Location: Senate Dirksen 419 Presiding: Senator Corker
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1.  S. Res. 204, A resolution recognizing the occasion of World Refugee Day


2.  S. Res. 207, A resolution recognizing threats to freedom of the press and expression around the world and reaffirming freedom of the press as a priority in efforts of the United States Government to promote democracy and good governance


3.  S.1643, Ensuring the Safety and Security of Iranian Dissidents in Iraq Act of 2015, as amended


4.  S. 1632, A bill to require a regional strategy to address the threat posed by Boko Haram, as amended


5.  S. Res. 211, A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate regarding Srebrenica.




6.  The Honorable Janet L. Yellen, of California, to be United States Alternate Governor of the International Monetary Fund for a term of five years


7.  Mr. Brian James Egan, of Maryland, to be Legal Adviser of the Department of State


8..  Ms. Jennifer Zimdahl Galt, of Colorado, to be Ambassador to Mongolia


9. The Honorable Glyn Townsend Davies, of the District of Columbia, to be Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand


10.  Mr. William A. Heidt, of Pennsylvania, to be Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia


11.  Mr. Atul Keshap, of Virginia, to be Ambassador to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and to the Republic of Maldives


12.  Ms. Alaina B. Teplitz, of Illinois, to be Ambassador to the
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal


13.  The Honorable David Hale, of New Jersey, to be Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Additional Items May Be Added…

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