Business Meeting

Full Committee Date: Thursday, April 26, 2012 Time: 02:00 PM Location: S-116 Capitol Building Presiding: Senator Kerry



1. S. 2224, A bill to require the President to report to Congress on issues related to Syria

2. H. R. 1016, the Assessing Progress in Haiti Act

3. S. Res. 401, A resolution expressing appreciation for Foreign Service and Civil Service professionals who represent the United States around the globe

4. S. Res. ___, a resolution calling for democratic change in Syria


5. The Honorable Scott H. DeLisi, of Minnesota, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda

6. Mr. Michael A. Raynor, of Maryland, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Benin

7. Ms. Makila James, of the District of Columbia, to be Ambassador to the Kingdom of Swaziland


8. Robert E. Drapcho, et al., dated February 13, 2012

9. Kathryn E. Abate, et al., dated February 29, 2012