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acrobatSFRC_Rules_114th_ Congress
acrobatS. 2946 Committee Report
acrobatAfghanistan in Transition: U.S. Civilan Presence and Assistance Post-2014
acrobatS.J. RES. 36 Committee Report
acrobatExplanation Spain
acrobatExplanation Poland
acrobatRebalancing the Rebalance: Resourcing U.S. Diplomatic Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region
acrobathistory of the committee from 1816 - 2000
acrobatWorker Safety and Labor Rights in Bangladesh's Garment Sector
acrobatOil, Mexico, and the Transboundary Agreement
acrobatThe Nunn-Lugar CTR Program's Role in the Administration's Asia-Pacific "Rebalancing" Initiative
acrobatEnergy and Security from the Caspian to Europe
acrobatChina's Impact on the Korean Peninsula Unification and Questions for the Senate
acrobatCommittee on Foreign Relations Millennium Edition 1616-2000
acrobatJudicial and Police Reforms in Mexico: Essential Building Blocks for a Lawful Society
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