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March 19, 2013

Corker Says International Humanitarian Assistance in Syria is High Priority, Warns of Security Risks As Conflict Drags On

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today said international humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees is a high priority. He also warned of risks to U.S. and regional security as the conflict threatens to spill over into neighboring countries and the influence of extremists in Syria grows. Today the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs is holding a hearing on the unfolding h… Continue Reading

March 17, 2013

Corker on Fox News Urges Obama Administration to Deploy Missile Defense Capabilities on East Coast, Questions Changes to European-Based Missile Shield

WASHINGTON - Appearing on Fox News Sunday today, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, applauded U.S. placement of missile interceptors in Alaska following recent North Korean nuclear and missile tests but urged the Obama administration to also locate missile defense capabilities on the East Coast to guard against threats from inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). He also questioned the administration's decision to cancel a portion of the Eur… Continue Reading

March 15, 2013

Corker Calls for Obama Administration to Explain Changes to Missile Defense Plans for U.S. & Europe

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - Following Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's announcement that the U.S. is deploying 14 ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today called on the Obama administration to explain changes to its missile defense plans for the United States and Europe. "I am pleased with the decision to provide greater protection to our country from existing and emerging threats by advancing a pur… Continue Reading

March 15, 2013

Corker: Japan’s Interest in Joining Trans-Pacific Trade Talks Is “Positive Step” Toward Expanded Economic Opportunities for U.S.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today said Japan's interest in joining trade talks between the U.S. and 10 other nations ringing the Pacific Ocean is a positive step toward an eventual agreement, which would provide significant, expanded economic opportunities for the United States. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would eliminate tariffs and other barriers to trade and investment, creating new growth opportunit… Continue Reading

March 07, 2013

Corker Calls for New Approach to Counter North Korean Threat, Emphasizes Continued Importance of China’s Role and Maintaining Robust U.S. Nuclear Deterrent

WASHINGTON - In today's hearing to examine U.S. policy toward North Korea, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, noted the failure of decades of U.S. attempts to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and urged the U.S. to consider a new approach to counter the North Korean threat, while still emphasizing the importance of China's role and maintaining a robust U.S. nuclear deterrent to protect our allies in the region. "U.S. off… Continue Reading

March 07, 2013

Corker Calls for Close Examination of U.S. Drone Policy and Executive Branch’s Use of Force Overseas

WASHINGTON - Following debate in the Senate over the Obama administration's drone program, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., called for a close examination of the policy in hearings before the Foreign Relations Committee to answer key questions related to the use of drones and the executive branch's use of force overseas. "Congress has long abdicated its legitimate and constitutionally-mandated role in authorizing the use of military force. It is critical that Congress regularly and carefully l… Continue Reading

March 06, 2013

Corker: Waste Detailed in Final Audit of Iraq Reconstruction Funds Demonstrates Need for Top-to-Bottom Review of State Department and U.S. Foreign Aid Programs

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today said the final report on U.S. reconstruction funds in Iraq demonstrates the need for a top-to-bottom review of the State Department and U.S. foreign assistance programs to ensure taxpayer dollars are used to advance U.S. interests. The final report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction Stuart Bowen captures lessons learned and details the extent of waste, fraud and… Continue Reading

March 05, 2013

Corker Statement on Death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today made the following statement on the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "Following the death of Hugo Chavez, it is my hope that all Venezuelans will have the opportunity to fully exercise their political rights, including freedom of expression and assembly, in fully free and fair constitutionally-mandated elections and build a more prosperous future for their country," said Cork… Continue Reading

March 01, 2013

Corker Calls for Fiscally Responsible FY ’14 International Affairs Budget to Advance U.S. Economic & Security Interests

WASHINGTON - In a letter today to the Senate Budget Committee, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called for a fiscal year 2014 international affairs budget that advances "core U.S. economic and security interests," while also emphasizing "the dire fiscal situation of the United States government and the need to reduce federal spending." He asked the committee to ensure the international affairs budget lives within new limits set by seque… Continue Reading

February 26, 2013

Corker & Inhofe Wall Street Journal Op-ed: 'Nuclear Zero' Offers Nothing Worth Having

February 25, 2013, 7:07 p.m. ET 'Nuclear Zero' Offers Nothing Worth Having The president not only wants to cut missiles, he also is neglecting a promised modernization program. By BOB CORKER AND JIM INHOFE President Obama has repeatedly identified nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism as key dangers to the United States and its allies. His analysis is correct, but that cannot be said about the centerpiece of his response: declaring America's commitment to eliminate its own nuclear weap… Continue Reading

February 25, 2013

Corker: Senate Resolution Condemns North Korea Nuclear Test, Calls for Additional Sanctions

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today made the following statement after unanimous Senate passage of a resolution condemning North Korea's recent nuclear test, which violated numerous international agreements and poses real dangers to regional and global security. "North Korea's recent nuclear and missile tests pose real dangers for regional and global security and will not go unchallenged by the United States or the inter… Continue Reading

February 20, 2013

Corker Returns from Trip to North and West Africa, Says International Coordination Needed to Confront Terrorist Threat to Region

WASHINGTON - At the conclusion of a trip to Senegal, Mali, Algeria and Tunisia today, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said confronting the terrorist threat to the region requires international coordination. "It goes without saying that the security situation in North Africa has substantially deteriorated in recent months. The flow of weapons from Libya has armed terrorists in the region and destabilized at least one government. An incr… Continue Reading

February 19, 2013

Corker Statement on Resignation of Tunisian Prime Minister

TUNIS, Tunisia - Following meetings today with the president of Tunisia and other senior leaders of major Tunisian political parties, U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the following statement regarding the resignation of Tunisian Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali. "The United States strongly supports the people of Tunisia and their desire to form a constitutional republic based on the core values of democracy and political and religious … Continue Reading

January 22, 2013

Corker to be Named Ranking Member of Senate Foreign Relations Committee Today

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Bob Corker, R-Tenn., will be the lead Republican or "ranking member" of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the 113th Congress. Corker's appointment will be confirmed today during a lunch meeting of Senate Republicans and is expected to be ratified when the Senate passes a resolution officially organizing committees in the coming days. As ranking member, Corker will work with the chairman to represent the interests of his Republican colleagues and help carry out… Continue Reading

September 13, 2012

Lugar, Kerry Resolution Honoring Ambassador Stevens, Other Victims and Condemning Libya Violence Passes Senate Tonight

WASHINGTON, DC - The Senate tonight passed a resolution by Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Foreign Relations Committee, commending the four American public servants who died in Benghazi, Libya, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, for their tireless efforts on behalf of the American people. The resolution, S.Res.551, also condemned the violent attack on the United States consulate in Benghazi. "The deaths of Am… Continue Reading

September 12, 2012

Lugar Statement on Death of Ambassador Chris Stevens

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Dick Lugar made the following statement on the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who served on his staff as a Pearson Fellow: "I was deeply saddened to learn of the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other American diplomatic personnel in Libya. My thoughts and prayers are with their loved ones. "Ambassador Stevens served on my Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff as a State Department detailee in 2006 and 2007. I benefitted gre… Continue Reading

November 30, 2011

Lugar - Bill Would Force Keystone Construction Permit in 60 Days

Bill Would Force Keystone Construction Permit in 60 Days, Lugar - Hoeven - Vitter introduce bill U.S. Senators introduced legislation today to force the Obama Administration to issue a construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in 60 days. "Jobs will be created right away and billions of dollars in investment will be unleashed through legislation introduced to permit the $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline, the largest infrastructure project ready in the United States, to commence constructi… Continue Reading

November 29, 2011

UNDP Making Transparency Progress, Lugar Says

UNDP Making Transparency Progress, Lugar Says U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar, the Ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today lauded the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for taking the initial steps to ensure greater public scrutiny of its spending activities. Lugar said the UNDP's new open-data portal,, allows users to track aid and helps governments in developing countries manage aid more effectively. Data now available online reflect activities i… Continue Reading

November 28, 2011

Lugar: Burma – North Korea Ties Should Be Disclosed

Lugar: Burma - North Korea Ties Should Be Disclosed Following is Senator Lugar's statement regarding developments in Burma. "The United States is appropriately testing the appearance of reforms within Burma. The Congress in 2008 created the position of Special Representative and Policy Coordinator for Burma to explore ways of changing the regime's behavior. President Obama nominated Derek Mitchell in April of 2011 to assume that role. The sincerity with which a wide range of reforms has been… Continue Reading

November 22, 2011

Lugar Welcomes Energy Diplomacy Focus

Lugar Welcomes Energy Diplomacy Focus As a former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and current Ranking Member, U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar has been the Senate's leading advocate for more vigorous energy diplomacy. This week, he welcomed the news that the State Department is finally opening the Bureau of Energy Resources after several years of deliberation. The office is derived from legislation Lugar authored to establish an International Energy Coordinator. The office will be led … Continue Reading

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